To those of you don’t know, my boyfriend and I haven’t known each other for very long. We technically met over one of my friends Facebook statuses. We just started commenting back and forth. Eventually he added me as a friend on Facebook. We didn’t talk at all when we first became “friends”. But, he messaged me in November, right before he went into basic training. We talked a little bit then we didn’t talk at all, (he was at basic training,) until he was home on Holiday break.

A few days before Christmas, I was at the mall with a friend, and he was at the mall with his. We recognized each other, but didn’t say hi. It would have been to awkward! We had never met in person! Christmas Eve rolls around, and he posted on my wall, “Boooo! Longtimenotalk. How’s it going? c:” Which then started our round of conversations. He gave me his number, I texted him back on Christmas day. We eventually met up at the mall that week between Christmas and New Years. We were both there with our friends. This time, when my friend left, I stayed and chilled with him and his friend Matt. I was finally meeting him!  

When we weren’t hanging out, we talked non-stop until his holiday leave was up.

When he left January 4th, 2012, I was numb inside. I couldn’t imagine not talking to him everyday. I know, I just met him.. But still. I couldn’t help already falling in love with this guy. He’s all I’ve ever wanted. and so much more.

The days went by, some slow, and some faster then others. Before he left, I told him that I would write to him everyday. So, I did. I wrote everyday. I put them in chunks of 4 or 5 letters so he would get them hopefully once a week. Most of the time, he didn’t get them once a week. But, he eventually got all of them! He wrote me too. He wrote to me every chance he got. His letters helped me get through the torturous months of not having him to talk to. My letters to him helped him get through the long boring days.

He is now home from basic training, he’s been home since the 9th of March! We’ve spent everyday texting and or talking on the phone, or just hanging out. Today, we hung out for the first time in 6 days. (I know, not a long time. But, we missed each other. He had drill and I was volunteering at a camp.)

Anyway, he picked me up and we went to the mall, I wanted to look for something in a store, that also sold Pandor Beads. He then made a comment about how he was looking, and how he wanted to go to the Pandora store, that we have in the mall. So, we went into the Pandora store and he told the guy what he was looking for. All he said was “yeah, on the website, you had an envelope..” I almost started crying right then and there, but, I didn’t I held it in until he paid and brought me to a bench where he said, how he thought the bead is a reminder of what brought us together, letters.

Letters are what brought us closer together. <3 

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